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Edinburgh, Scotland (elevator selfie)

If you made it to this page, thanks for looking around! If you do not know me already, I’m a California native living in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been a photographer for most of my adult life (9+ years). I am one of many photographers you can choose from! I like coffee, I like adventures, I like meaningful conversations, the thrill of new experiences, the realness of moments that are out of the ordinary. I am silly. I don’t take myself seriously because life is simply too short. I do try to take care of myself and the precious people who are part of my tribe, and they are my reasons. I do a lot of this with a camera in my hand. Sometimes people give me money to do this thing I love. Every time it’s an honor. I happily go far and wide when it’s asked of me, or just down the street. The best part of this job, aside from the people, is never knowing what’s around the corner.