10 Days in Scotland – Post 1 Linlithgow Palace and Blackness Castle

Have you ever visited somewhere for the first time, and it felt like home? I believe a Pinterest post probably has a word for that. I have been to many places in America, and visited a few countries over “this way,” like Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala. But Scotland…I felt like I’d returned to it somehow. It could be that my heritage is almost exclusively Northwestern/European, a good chunk of that being Scottish. Or it could be that Scotland speaks to certain souls, as different countries do for other people. I’d like to think that there’s something that runs in my veins that felt like it had been reunited with where it belongs. After spending 10 days traveling the country, it was emotionally taxing to return to my actual home. As in, it took a couple months for the ache in my stomach to go away at the mere thought of the country and experiences I had. I would like to share a series of posts about the trip! I hope you enjoy seeing some of Scotland through the lens of my camera. (Scroll to the end to see a short clip of the Outlander theme song being played on bagpipes while exploring a castle and film location. Nbd.)

Linlithgow Palace
The oldest fountain in the UK. Built in 1538.
Blackness Castle
First castle selfie of the trip. Rainy hair from the get-go!

Not gonna lie, I got a little teary.