Jason & Lynnette's Engagements

From the moment I met these two I knew there was potential for a fantastic partnership. I like to ask my couples about their love story but equally important is what they want from their wedding. Jason and Lynnette had me at “we want our wedding to be a beautiful day, not worrying about the trivial things, what matters is having a great time with the people we love.” Inside I was like: “please, pick me!!!” Actually, I may have even said it out loud.

Fast forward to their engagements…we had a wonderful time. The weather was gracious to give us enough warmth to do this session without losing complete feeling in our toes! Winter sun, if you can handle the chill, is such stunning light. This session really shows off that light that makes my heart skip a beat. Pair the glow with a couple who have the love and chemistry that these two do…and it’s hard to go wrong. My biggest struggle was narrowing down the keepers! So. Many. Good. Ones.

Thank you for having me you beautiful people you! Can’t wait for your wedding!!!