A Birth Story – Charlotte, NC

Yesterday a new little angel entered our world! Claire and Brandon are both friends and neighbors of mine. When we moved to the area, a little over a year ago, I was walking with Ava and our new puppy along the Greenway in our neighborhood when we crossed paths with Claire, her son Benson and their dog Albie. We stopped and chatted, introducing ourselves and quickly became friends because Claire is that kind of person. She is warm, kind and such a giving person. Her husband Brandon is a wonderful person, husband and father as well. We have really enjoyed being friend’s with this sweet family over this last year and our toddlers are good buddies. So when they asked me to capture the birth of their daughter I was so excited and humbled. This baby girl definitely made us all wait! We wondered if we would get past Halloween, we made it through the neighborhood Friendsgiving party, this little girl definitely has had us all in anticipation!!!

Wednesday, November 22nd I woke up, started pulling myself together for the day and while brushing my teeth I went through my unopened text messages and there was one from Claire from 5:45am saying “Going to hospital.” WHAT?! Claire, being the considerate soul that she is, sent a polite text instead of calling me or you know, beating on my front door! I threw myself together, dropped my daughter at my mother-in-law’s house and headed to the hospital having no idea if I would get there in time.

I drove as fast as one can without actually speeding, flew into the parking structure, ran-walked into the hospital just to find out I was in the WRONG BUILDING. I had two choices, go all the way back up to the top of the parking structure waiting on other pedestrians and painfully slow elevators or just hustle myself to the next building by foot. More run-walking!

I got to the other building, checked in, up to the 8th floor, found the room and no joke…I was there JUST in time. I still don’t know how I made it in time. One more stoplight could have made me miss it. These are the times when I’m so thankful I know my camera because I swiftly set my camera and started snapping in time to capture this amazing mama have this baby girl.

While I have had a child myself, this was my first birth story. What I witnessed was an incredible mother be the fierce woman that females are capable of being, I saw the intense emotions of a father at his wife’s bedside, I saw a trio of women doctor’s taking the best care and being so encouraging. I saw a beautiful baby be born.

Look at this itty bitty foot!!!

Keep scrolling to watch the beauty unfold…