Josh and Cammi – Colorado Springs, CO

Have you ever been pining for a place you’ve never been and magically you end up with an opportunity to go there? That’s exactly what happened to me as if it was meant to be. Colorado has always been on my bucket list and I can’t even tell you exactly why I’ve never been before. Cam and I sat down for a consultation and I asked her if she would want engagements. She told me that Josh was currently stationed in Colorado Springs and would be deploying soon and before I even had a second thought I heard myself saying that I would totally go out there and do photos of them. We chose Garden of the Gods because it was close to Colorado Springs and also because…well, it’s epic beautiful. These two were such good sports about my asking them to hike all over and do what I asked. As if it wasn’t a magical enough of an evening, behind me a two deer appeared out of the brush and posed for us! I truly enjoyed sharing a couple hours in a stunning location at sundown. I cannot wait for the wedding next spring! Thank you both for having me and thank you Josh for your service!