Alina – Crowder Mountain, NC

A couple weeks ago I was browsing Marshalls clothing racks while my husband and daughter looked through the toy section. I had my hair up in what I like to call my “man bun” (half up, half down with the top half in a bun on my head.) Alina was shopping directly across from me and complimented my hair. After a couple minutes of chatting we went our separate ways but she later followed my business Facebook page. I recently posted that I was looking for models to work with me on some creative portraiture and Alina responded. She’s obviously gorgeous (inside and out I might add) so we made a date and headed to Crowder Mountain for a little forest-y session! We chatted the whole way there and back over blended iced chai lattes and found out how much we have in common. I love when life throws little serendipitous moments and puts people in your path like that. It was a joy photographing Alina and I have a feeling we will be working together on creative projects much more in the future!