Sea Shore Family Portraits – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

When a local client says, “would you consider coming to the beach and doing our family portraits while we are there?” the answer is always “YES!!! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!” So this past Wednesday I threw my stuff in my truck and headed to the east coast. Most people know I’m a Pacific Ocean girl but any chance to see the sea (haha) and I don’t have to think twice. Prior to this session I had never met Kelsey and her family but by the end of it I was ready to be adopted, at least for a week. After first arriving at the wrong 14th Street (because there’s two of them a few miles apart) I found the group of them hiding under a tree-covering from the rain cloud that was pouring down specifically over our location. Thankfully it passed and we were only droplet covered rather than rain soaked. What proceeded was the kind of family session that makes my heart skip a beat…ocean waves, twilight natural light (NO FLASH is the best flash for this girl,) palm trees, sandy bare-baby feet, coral attire and a happy family who love each other! I’m pretty sure I told them at least 7 1/2 times how excited I was about our session! IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. Nicholas Sparks beachy, Carolina love story, surreal. Hope you enjoy these photos even a fraction of the amount I did!