Ty & Lauren's Engagement Session – Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC

The story of how I met Lauren is pretty serendipitous. I had just wrapped my Cailfornia wedding and was waiting out my layover in the Salt Lake City, Utah airport. Missing my husband and 2 year old, we decided to Facetime. While listening to my daughter tell me all about her day, a lady a couple seats down with me was making remarks about how sweet my little girl was and this woman was in tears because she had just left her own grandbaby to fly home to South Carolina. After hanging up I conversed with the woman and we shared what we do for a living, her also being in the wedding industry (catering.) When it was time to board we were separated for the remainder of the trip until landing when I hear my name being called from at least 10 rows back. The woman called to me, pointing to the young woman sitting next to her saying, “THIS GIRL JUST GOT ENGAGED! I TOLD HER YOU’RE A PHOTOGRAPHER! SHE WANTS YOUR INFORMATION!!!” It was quite silly in the moment but that newly engaged girl was Lauren! We walked off the plane together and exchanged information. I didn’t know if I would hear from Lauren as she could have just been appeasing our enthusiastic fellow passenger but about a week later Lauren asked if I would do her engagements! Totally meant to be.

She really is a girl after my own heart. We had similar upbringings and her passion for mission work/outreach is something I have been involved with myself years ago. I’m so happy for her and Ty, high school sweethearts, and their journey together! I hope you enjoy this beautiful, early morning session we did together at Freedom Park over the weekend!