"At Home" Photography Sessions

If any of you are like me, sometimes the thought of getting your family fed, dressed, kept clean, together and out the door to a location in a timely manner for something like a photoshoot is so daunting you just drop the idea altogether. You compromise and think “well I have my cell phone, I’ll try and get some decent shots with it so we at least have some record of this time in our life.” In the back of your mind you know you’re going to regret not having shots done by a professional where you don’t have to be vacant for the photos (since you’re the one taking them.) Or maybe you know someone who’s willing to take your photos but their style isn’t really what you’re hoping for.

I encourage you to consider an “at home” session. It’s not effortless because there’s always some picking up to do and you still have to get everyone fed, dressed etc. But being able to stay in your home where everyone is comfortable, where the kids are more likely to be natural and you can even get shots with your pets who you probably didn’t want to haul on location, is a pretty great alternative!

My favorite thing about these sessions is the ability to capture children being who they are. If you’ve worked with me previously you know how much I strive to grab the authentic and candid shots.

I’ve shared a few photos I did in my own backyard this morning where the setting was natural and unforced. This is how in home sessions can be!!! Fun, relaxed, more laughing, less pressure.

–You can even refer to my previous post about our Christmas morning to see some more examples of “at home” photography.–

*P.S. these were not taken as a set up photo-shoot, hence the wild hair and pajamas*

I have had some great fun in the recent months doing in home sessions which you can view here:




If you missed my photos of Ava dressed as Belle, these were taken on a path right in our neighborhood…